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Important Information About Slide Rail Installation

December 16, 2016


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When dealing with underground systems, it is often necessary for workers to perform tasks inside of deep trenches that have been dug down into the ground. It goes without saying that this can pose some major safety issues. There is always a possibility that the sides of the trench will collapse, causing injury or death to workers in the process.

Image result for Slide RailThe best way to prevent this is by ensuring that the sides of the trench are properly supported with a shoring system. Slide rail shoring systems are a popular choice since they are highly effective.

Of course, just like any other system, these shoring rails are only effective when they are properly installed. In order to ensure that a trench is safe, it is important to learn everything that you can about slide rail installation. Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can go about this.

The best method is to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the shoring system. When the system is purchased, it should come with instructions on how to properly install it. By closely following these instructions, you can make sure that the system will perform the way that it was designed to. This can help keep workers safe and prevent an accidental collapse of the trench.

Many manufacturers provide online videos that give a detailed overview of the installation process. Watching these videos can help clear up any confusion that you may have about how to properly install the slide rails. Just make sure that the video you are viewing comes from a reputable source. If you have any doubts about the reliability of the information contained in the video, you should always double check with the manufacturer before following the guidelines that were set out in the video.

Most companies that manufacture these types of systems are more than happy to provide customer support. Proper slide rail installation is absolutely essential from a safety standpoint. Because of that, these companies want to make sure that their products are used correctly.

If you have any doubts about how to install the system, you should reach out to a representative of the company. They can help walk you through the process to make sure that the system is installed in the correct way. This will help minimize the risk of any accidents occurring, helping to create a safe work environment for anyone who needs to be down inside the trench.

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